Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sherry Jo!

Please help me wish our sister, Sherry Jo a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

No, the baby is not hers :) That is Ellen's baby. More on that later.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gaudiano Cousins

Here's another set of beautiful faces. Do you know any of them?

Photo courtesy of Kim Luinggan


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Waig, part 2

Waig view from Agat bridgeThe waig, viewed from the bridge.
Picnic by the waigPicnic by the waig.
Waig dyay baba ti balbay yo babotKuna ni Jher, this was taken diay batog ti balay da Babot. Can you believe? Wow!

The Waig, part 1.

Photos courtesy of J.Santillano


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sagunto Vegetable Growers Association

These photos are of the members of the Sagunto Vegetable Growers Association that went to Santa Barbara farmer's festival to look for superior seeda and learn new techniques. Another group in Sagunto working to make life better.

Photos courtesy of R. Benosa


Friday, May 25, 2007

Cordillera Day 2007, Tokyo, Japan

These photos were taken during Cordillera Day 2007 by our Japan representative, Emz. Photos of the gansa (gongs) they used may be similar to those that the Bago Tribal Council is requesting help with.

The event was hosted by an organization from Abra.

Photos courtesy of E. Homma


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tribal Council Donations

Due to the long line of comments regarding the Tribal Council Request for donations, I would like to add this to clarify some issues. Although this information was not received through official channels, I believe them to be accurate. I will update this information as we hear back from the Tribal Council officials.

The Tribal Council is a separate entity from the Barangay Council although it is sanctioned and supported by the Barangay. This is evident by the presence of several barangay members who are also serving in the Tribal Council. Sagunto is a small town, and I believe that not many projects get past the Barangay. So there is no disrespect of the Captain here, it is simply a separate matter from the usual Barangay issues. It is prudent to have a degree of separation between the various organizations. Let's not get bogged down with whose ego was not smoothed over first. Especially since our honorable Capitan has not voiced any objections about this project but rather seems to be supportive of it as you can see in the photographs of the group.

This is a noble goal for the tribe. I noted when I was present during the Rizal Day festivities that the tribal dances were presented by a very talented group from another barangay. This thought, that "why is there not an organization in Sagunto presenting a tribal performance?", did cross my mind then. I am sure there are many talented Bagos in Sagunto who could have done as well if not better. I am glad that the Tribal Council has taken it upon themselves to correct this.

Here are some preliminary figures, to give everyone an idea how much is needed. The Bago Tribal Council requests aid in procuring the following items:
Costumes for the dancers
Gangsa - is the Bago gong (estimate cost for 12-piece set = 70,000 pesos)
Tambor - drum made of deer skin (estimate cost, 3,000 pesos)

The cost for a 6-piece gong set is estimated at 35,000 pesos. The council hopes for a 12-piece set. There are no estimates yet for the costumes and tambor. I'm sure they can't be cheap. If you have some information about these costs please share your information here.

Here are the unconfirmed pledges so far:
Mr. Henry Palit-ang20,000 pesos
Homma/Castillo/Benosa Clan (Emily)2,000 pesos
Ophelia Glasser & Family (Babot)2,000 pesos
Jeanette Moore & Family (Me)2,000 pesos
Santillano-Eisma Family (Evs)2,000 pesos
(Those named above, please confirm your pledge. If it's a mistake, let me know and I will remove it from the list)If you'd like to make a pledge, leave a comment and I will update the list.

Donations may be sent directly to the Bago Tribal Council Treasurer, Mr. Daniel Pascua, Sagunto, Sison, Pangasinan.

We thank you all for your help, and as one of our youngest members here on the blog said, "every little bit counts". So let's all pull together and help our tribe, let's show our younger generations what a proud and noble people we are.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Request from the Tribal Council


Patgenmi a Kadaraan,

Nabara a kablaaw ti idanon ti tribu kadakayo.

Karagsakan kami a manbigpadamag kadakayo kadgiti balligi ti tribu nga inkami nakiramramanan kadagitoy naglabas a tawtawen. Dagitoy a balligi ti nangted ti aglaplapusanan a dayaw ken respeto iti tribu tayo. Nem kadagidiay a kanito, naamirismi ti kaawan ti bukod tayo a balabal (costume), gangsa ken tambor nga isu dagitoy ti mangted ti pintas ken raniag ti panagrarambak ken salisal (contest), dagiti nadumaduma a tribu.

Maisagna pay amin dagitoy a kasapulan gapu ti Balikbayan Homecoming 2008, nga idadauluan ti United Kingdom Association kalpasan ti Paskua (Dec. 2008).

Umasideg ken kumararag kami kadakayo tapno iyunnoymi dagitoy a pakasapulan a mangpatalinaed kadagiti nakaisigudan tayo a kultura ti Bago ken nasayaat nga ug-ugali tayo. Dagitoy amin ti mangipakita a ti dara ti Bago ket adda pay laeng nga agay-ayos kadgiti ur-urat tayo.

Ngarud, sinanamati tribu ti Bago kadagiti mababtuog nga ayatyo.

Ni Apo Dios ti mangbendisyon ti umay a balligi ken ragsak kadakayo.

Agyaman ti sibubukel a tribu.

Toy siaayat nga agservi kadkayo,

Fernando S. Wag-e
Tribal Chieftain

Jenie H. Refuerzo
Tribal Secretary

Attested by:
Romeo M. Adang-as
Tribal Vice Chieftain

Daniel B. Pascua
Tribal Treasurer

Fernando S. Wag-e Chieftain
Robeo M. Adang-as Vice Chieftain
Marilou J. Bitel Council Woman
Venancia G. Bagtang Council Woman
Carmencita Gomez Council Woman
Rey D. Dapiaoen Council Man
Estrelieta T. Eswagen Council Woman
Ernesto P. Mangante Council Man
Jenie H. Refuerzo Secretary
Daniel B. Pascua Treasurer
Marcely A. Sumalnap Auditor
Julita D. Castillo Auditor


The Sagunto Bago Tribal Council

Here are photos of the Sagunto Bago Tribal Council. This group is our representative in the national association of indigenous people. (I'll update on the exact name of the organization)


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2007 Graduates

Congratulations to the future of Sagunto!

Photos courtesy of J. Santillano


Monday, May 21, 2007

Lola Ganda

If, one late night while you're sitting in front of your computer and you get a request to chat with LolaGanda2006, don't turn away thinking a stalker is trying to get you. Answer and you just might be chatting with probably our most modern lola, Lola Tere of the Quilaman clan.

She is a model senior not only most of our old folks should emulate but even the younger ones who are technophobes. So to all who haven't ventured into the world wide web or taken advantage of the technology now available, shame on you! Just look at our lola here. She has got to be the coolest!

These two seniors need to get their own computer so they can stop wasting paper:

Photos courtesy of J. Santillano and O. Pasibe


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Those were the days my friend...

Ayna, dagitoy istorya tayo ditoy, makapalagip nga talaga. Isu man nga napanak nagsukain idiay baul ko ket kitaen yo man ti nasarakak.

These photos were taken during the last Christmas program in Artacho School, 1976, before we left the Philippines to move to the U.S. I scanned these from my photo album today. Evs, please help identify the others.

The next photos had me on the floor laughing. Agpaggaak nga kuna ni sister Eva. Kitaen yo....
Haha!! kunam met la no ni Dadong ti bf kon!! It hurts to say goodbye kano! haha!! OK, you guys just have to realize I was 13 at this time, 30 years ago! BTW, the pic of Dadong was enclosed in a good bye card nga inted na idi parbangon ti panagrubuat mi. How sweet ano? Addan sa pay la kaniak didiay nga card. Dong, i post kon to ditoy no mabirukak. haha!
O diba sexy ng lola ninyo? Walang aangal, ha?


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sagunto Beauties

These are the original beauties of Sagunto Do you have other classic beauties to share? Send them to

Photos were taken during the birthday celebration of Mrs. Estela Santillano, March 2007.

Photos courtesy of J.Santillano


Friday, May 18, 2007

Salva Family

Thanks to Lita Dapiaoen Salva for sharing these beautiful photos of her family. According to Lita, they are getting ready for a short hiatus (maybe 3 years) in the Philippines. God bless, Salva family!

Lita and Hubby
<PJ (10 y.o.)

Maricres (8 y.o.) Joshua (5 y.o.)


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Paliwen Family

Thanks to Arlene for sharing these photos so we can also see the beautiful Paliwen family.
Paola, Arlene & Archie
Archie & Arlene


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mike Baiguen in U.S.

Thanks to Juliet Baiguen for sending the photos. Those who were waiting for updates, here are photos of Mike Baiguen, newly arrived, celebrating Mother's Day at Auntie Remy's in San Bernardino, CA.

Cousins: May, Raymond, Sherwin, Willie Joe, Marie, Juliet, Mike

Mike with Auntie Josie

With Auntie Ellen
Darius & May Pickett, Kekoa & Kalani with grandma Ellen, Mike

With Uncle Manny and Auntie Remy

Please send additional captions and I will update.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SK Members

These are the faces of our young people who worked so hard on the summer league. Arlene and Jollibee, bahala na kayo sa captions, ha.

SK Officials:
SK Chairwoman: Arlene B. Paliwen
SK Kagawads:
1. Mark Anthony S. de Vera
2. Archie B. Paliwen
3. Jollibee D. Velasquez
4. Mark Angelo B. Quidangen