Monday, April 30, 2007

Sagunto Star Vol 1.1 pages 1 & 8

Here is another installment of the Sagunto Star, the first newsletter of Sagunto. I just heard from Edil, daughter of Bernardo Castillo the author/publisher of the Sagunto Star. She says that although her dad has no access to the internet at the moment, he is happy to hear that the Sagunto Star has been revived and extends his greetings to all of you! (Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view)
I placed these two pages together because Apo Lazaro's obituary is continued on page 8. All the pages of the volumes I have will eventually be posted on the sidebar under Sagunto Star Pages. All the other posts like the the microbusiness contest is under the Contests category. Click on the links to be taken directly to the post of interest. All previous issues are available on the Archives, also located on the sidebar.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome to America Mr. Mat-An & Children

A Warm welcome to the new immigrants of America, Mr. Laurence A. Mat-An with his children Alaiza Kate and Ian Keith. Mrs. Cherry Grace Baiguen Mat-An (Daughter of Mr. Artemio "Boykang" Baiguen and Mrs. Lolita Baiguen) had to stay behind in Baguio and will join her lovely family soon.

The Mat-An family are in Los Angeles for an unscheduled lay-over and will be proceeding to their final destination in Florida to join his sister and her family. This post is to reassure Alaiza and Ian's mommy that everyone is doing well. Cherry, your kids and hubby are in good hands, walang problema---

Laurence Mat-An in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.
Baby Ian, Laurence and daughter, Alaiza
Alaiza and Ian playing with my kids, Josie and Angie
Tomorrow, April 27th is Alaiza's birthday, they will be visiting Mrs. Eden Diazen and the rest of the family and friends in San Bernardino, CA. Of course, we have to get a cake for the birthday girl. So to mommy Cherry, relax ka lang dyan, Mng. Babot is on the job :-)


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Before there was rap, there was the dwaya. This is one of the old Sagunto wedding traditions that I was glad to see still being practiced. Dwaya literally means lullaby. The ritual is performed by the elders from each of the bride and groom's family; they rock the monetary gifts to sleep along with their well wishes for the bride and groom. This is our Uncle Boy Pascua, who I didn't realize was so talented. Hehe! You have to realize that these are all extemporaneous, which, for a slow thinker like me, is just amazing.

Please add your thoughts/memories of this ritual in the comments section.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Pasibe Girls

Due to popular demand........naks, akala mo kung ano anya? hehe! This one is for Roselee and the rest who do not know who we look like. Ta min adu met gayam dagity enga pay laeng sadi ipapanaw mi ta Sagunto. Thanks for the reminder that we've gotten really old, Evs! haha!! These guys could have been my kids no intuloy ko ti nagsayet. :-P

In red, is me, Jeanette. In the black and white stripe is Sherry Jo, and in black is Babot or Ophelia Grace. The young ones are our collection of chicks :-)
Since Roselee asked my age, I'm 43 (Babot is second, and our youngest is Sherry). I won't tell you my sister's ages as they may not want to divulge it. Just let me say that we were born a year apart. Haha!!

If you'd like to see more photos, just visit any of our blogs or albums that is scattered all over the internet.
In Our House
OP blogs ME
Family Album
Another family album
If you want to see, we also have our Philippine Vacation album (photos of Joy and JRs wedding included)

And if you're looking for something to eat, visit us In Our Kitchen.

commercial break muna for my blogs :-)


And the winning SMILE is....

Ms Smile: (3 pts each)
Manang Letty Mrs. Gaudiano
Mrs. Letty Daniwan Pis-o __________________ Mrs. Gaudiano

Mr Smile: (6 pts.)

Mr. Sergio Simudlan

Hurray! Hurray! 2 blueberry jam jars for each winner ! Awards will be delivered to the winners around May, courtesy of Emily Benosa Homma.



Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Baket Jean!

(Standing) Pop, Mom, Babot, Angie and Jody (sitting) Sherry, Lola and (pouty) Josie


She is 65 years old young :D To see more photos, visit Babot's family album.


Eman Alboukhary's 17th Birthday Party

Another April baby, Eman Alboukhary, daughter of Tessie Castillo Alboukhary just celebrated her 17th birthday at Hyde Park with close friends and family. View the photo album below to see the beautiful faces of our UK youngsters.

Eman's 17th Birthday Party

Thank you, Marifaye for sharing the photos. According to Marifaye:
Last Thursday, the 12th of April 2007, me and my auntie Rizza were invited by mng Eman to join her celebrate her 17th birthday to have a picnic at Hyde Park. There were about 30 kids who came. Most of them were her classmates. The Sagunto youngsters who attended the picnic were Chalmer Barillo Whiter (Meling's kid) ,Cheryl Palit-ang (henry's daughter) ,Kai and Chloe Bestoyong(Rene's kids) , Omar (Eman's brother), my aunt Riza and the youngest and cutest of them all 'ME'. We had a wonderful time that's why I want to share it with you.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Extending the Olive Branch to Mrs. Carmen "Kimi" Cojuangco

This is an open letter to our Sison, Pangasinan mayoral candidate, Mrs. Carmen "Kimi" Cojuangco.

Dear Mrs. Cojuangco:

I suppose congratulations are in order since no one is running against your candidacy for the mayoral post of Sison and you're the default winner. To be completely honest, upon my hearing the news of your mayoral aspirations I was nervous, suspicious, mad and down-right scared. Perhaps it is because I know nothing about you. I don't know what you have in mind for our beloved little town. I asked myself, why would a rich, metropolitan woman like you want to take on the role of Mayor in a rural farming town like ours? Why not Makati? Surely it is not for the many accolades you'll receive during ribbon ceremonies for newly installed water pumps or some other bucolic rituals that a farm community like to participate in.

Then (on my many forays on the internet scouring for information to get to know you) I ran into this Op-Ed piece in the Pangasinan Star Online written by Miss Yolly Sotelo. She quoted you saying to the Enquirer, "I know what the town needs. One is livelihood and I want to stir the town and improve the basic services and the town's infrastructure,". The piece further states that your husband refers to Sison as his "hometown" and that you have a "pure heart". For the improvement of infrastructures and the basic services of the town, I definitely support that statement. However, I hope that you will at least get a consensus from your constituents prior to the implementation of what you think the town needs rather than what the people truly need. The mayoral seat is, after all, a "public" office where the elected officer must represent the needs of the people and for the people. Am I correct?

For now, I will have to trust your husband's observations of the pureness of your intentions. Therefore, I will reserve all judgments, suspicions and whatever foreboding premonitions I may have and extend you an olive branch- a gesture of friendship and peace. May we all work towards the betterment of our town, its people and all the while preserving its natural beauty. So once again, I extend a most heartfelt congratulations to you, Mrs. Mayor.


Mrs. Ophelia P. Glasser


Vote Green

It is election time again in the Philippines. As you ponder who to vote for, you might consider these 'commandments' found on the Alyansa Tigil-Mina website:

to Guide Voters in choosing Green Candidates

1. Thou shall not vote for candidates using 4Gs to win: Guns, Goons, Gold, Garbage. Vote for candidates who stand for the essential Ms in the genuine exercise of the right of suffrage: Malinis, Maayos, Matipid, Mapanindigan, Marangal, Mapayapa, Makatao, Maka-Kalikasan, Maka-Diyos. Support candidates known for their simple, pro-people and ecological lifestyle.

2. Thou shall not support candidates who nail, strap or plaster campaign materials on defenseless trees and other restricted sites. Vote for candidates who plant and love trees, use the least amount of campaign materials and abide by the campaign rules.

3. Thou shall not pick candidates who use smoke-belching vehicles that contribute to worsening air quality. Go for candidates on bicycles rather than those who come in a convoy of cars. Vote for those who use fewer vehicles in motorcades to reduce fuel consumption and car emissions.

4. Thou shall not fall for candidates who make beautiful speeches about their love for the people and the environment, but fail to match their words with deeds. Does the candidate walk his/her talk? Check if she/he is engaged in any environmental advocacy or project, or has financial interest in any polluting or environmentally-destructive business. Vote for those who live by what they say.

5. Thou shall not select candidates who profess to protect the environment, but are mute on what they intend to do. Ask thy candidates, point blank, how they intend to serve the interest of the environment. Vote for those who will work earnestly to heal and protect the environment.

6. Thou shall not choose candidates who are hooked to the outmoded "hakot-tambak-sunog" and fail to shut down illegal dumps. Vote for those who segregate their discards at home and in the work place and support ecological, low-cost and community-driven alternatives to dumps, landfills and incinerators.

7. Thou shall not vote candidates who ignore the health, environment, socio-economic and human rights concerns against "sanitary" landfills, "waste-to-energy," dams and similar infrastructure plans. Vote for candidates who will assert the people's sovereign rights to a clean, safe and healthy environment. Go for candidates who will work for sustainable economy that will respond to people's basic needs and not to the dictates of the World Bank and other international funding institutions.

8. Thou shall not elect candidates who want to build big dams and allow mining, logging and other extractive industries to rape our land and abuse human rights, especially the rights of our indigenous peoples. Vote for those who will take the cudgels for the human as well as non-human victims, such as trees, plants and wildlife, of environment-damaging human activities.

9. Thou shall not back candidates who will not take action against the health and safety threats of genetically modified crops and food products. Vote for candidates who will advance the people's right to safe and healthy foods as well as food production systems that nurture the earth.

10. Thou shall not vote for candidates who refuse to acknowledge global warming. Vote for candidates who see the needs for preventive and precautionary actions to stop climate change. For instance, go for candidates who oppose new coal power projects and support community-owned utilities using renewable energy sources.

Developed and issued by the EcoWaste Coalition with inputs from the Add Up Youth Environment Group, Bangon Kalikakasan Movement, Concerned Citizens Against Pollution, Ecological Society of the Philippines, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Health Care Without Harm, Miriam PEACE, Mother Earth Foundation, Sagip Bukid and Mailet Diokno-Pascual.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Marifaye Ann Barillo Macaalay's 13th Birthday

Marifaye Ann Barillo Macaalay celebrated her 13th birthday at the Annunciation Church Hall, London, on January 27, 2007. Thanks to her mom, Roselee for sharing the photos and giving all Saguntonians an opportunity to share the happy occasion and view familiar faces.

Click on the photo album below for more photos.

MariFaye's 13th Birthday


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

3G Going Great N Green- Environment Care Group Contest

This is the second announcement for an environmental themed contest. This contest is conceived and sponsored by Mrs. Emily Homma of Japan. We invite all citizens of Sagunto to participate in these endeavors. Direct all questions to this blog or the sponsors.

Theme and Description: A group contest for the protection of our community environment that would serve and care for natural assets like rivers, farms and gardens, barrio streets, hills and mountains that are essential for the continuing growth and sustenance of the connecting communities in Sison such as Sagunto, Artacho, Agat, Cauringan, Asan Norte, Asan Sur, Labayug and Pinalpal.

First Prize- 5,000 pesos
Second Prize: 4,000 pesos
Third Prize- 3,000 pesos
Consolation: 1,000 pesos

Initial Funds: 500 pesos outright grant for any group applicant. Fund to be used for
planning materials, posters, seedlings, cleaning equipment, etc.

WHO can join: Any group of at least ten people 13 y.o and above forming a club, association, religious congregation, youth group, adult and senior
citizens, sports team, etc. concerned of the welfare of our people and nature.

WHAT to Present:

  • A Project Proposal to Clean, Create, Plant, or Protect….
  • An Already Ongoing Project Cleaning, Renewing…
  • Any Project in line with this contest’s theme

    IMPORTANT: The group must carry out project activities regularly as stated in the plan, for at least one year from date of application.

      1. On an 8x11 in. paper, state the following elements of the project typewritten or handwritten in bold script.
    • NUMBER of members or participants, with list of officers
    • TARGET LOCATION or place of activity and reason for choosing the site.
    • ACTION that describes how the group will carry out their program/project.

    • 2. There should be GROUP SLOGANS presented though POSTERS or BANNERS aiming to publicize the group’s project to the community. Give a brief explanation about the poster or banner, drawing and illustrating it on another piece of bond paper to be attached and submitted together with the project proposal.

      3. OPTIONAL, Attach Copies of leaflets, Literature ,Handouts or DENR fact sheets to be distributed during the presentation of entries or Awards day in December.

      4. DEADLINE: Submit the project proposal (2 pages) via email to or in person to barrio secretary, or contest Representative Rolly Benosa from May to October 30, 2007.

      Awarding ceremonies will be held on December 30, 2007.

      5. Community Presentation of Entries with the presence of Group members, and invited guests, and Awards Day will be on December 30, 2007

      Sponsored by: GO! GO! BAGO! HBILC-Japan, FRIENDS OF SAGUNTO, USA-UK

  •

    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Babot Donates Laptop to Barangay

    Click on the photo for the story.

    Front-Divina Castillo-Pascua(Rural Health Worker), Lolita Dawa-Binawe(Kagawad),Manuel Esteban Sr.(Punong Barangay), Fernando "Kulaw" Wag-e, Juan Arthur Inocencio (Brgy. Treasurer)
    Back-Manuel Malqued (Kagawad), Willy del Amen (Kagawad), Cesar Carino (Kagawad), Arthur Baladad (Kagawad),Mary Jane Anaen Hernaez-Refuerzo(Asst. Sec.), Pacita Castillo-Benosa (CVO), Conchita Malqued (CVO).

    Not in the pix..Larry leo Benosa (Kagawad), Fernando Castillo (Kagawad) Arlene Paliwen (SK Chairman) Loejan Anudon (Secretary).


    Henry Palit-ang in Sagunto

    Don't you just love technology? As we speak, Mr. Henry Palit-ang is in Sagunto where he hosted the various organizations to a meeting at his home. He gathered everyone to spread the upcoming grand reunion being planned for 2008. More details on the reunion coming soon.

    Photos courtesy of our roving reporter, Mr. Rolly Benosa. Thanks, kuya Rolly!


    Friday, April 13, 2007

    Sagunto UK Annual Gathering 2006

    Thanks to Miss Rose Lee Barillo Macaalay who sent these photos to share of the (SUKA)Sagunto U.K. Asoociation's annual gathering last August 2006.

    Front Row, sitting (R-L): Uncle Boying, Edna Custodio, Fely Ocampo, Judy, Fely, Rene Bestoyong, Carias, Vilma Rodriguez, Juanita Digay (asawa ni Judy)
    Second Row: Norma Cefra (behind her is her asawa, Columbos), Heling Lapada(naka nangisit), Tessie, Meling. Diay likod ni Rene nga naka red vest ket ni Alwina isu ti asawa na. Likod ni Vilma ket ni Lolo Junior Bestoyong, Nida del Amen (in red), Marceli Adang-as Sumalnap. Behind Marceli, the man is white shirt ket asawa ni Vilma

    Barillo Clan with Fely Ocampo

    Mr. Macaalay (Roselee's husband) & Mr. Raul "Judy" Digay

    Masing, Fely, Chalmer, Aket, Meling, and Eying


    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Faces - Part 4

    Who do you know?
    Mrs. Teodora Bongog and Loejan Anudon Daniel 'Ganet' Pascua

    Lola Dora & Loejan Anudon _________________ Uncle Boy 'Ganet' Pascua

    Fernando Castillo

    Fernando Castillo __________________ Auntie Tinang


    Monday, April 9, 2007

    The Sagunto Star

    Once upon a time, over twenty years ago before the internet and blogs, there was The Sagunto Star which blazed briefly like a comet but left a lasting impression. The Sagunto Star was the first newsletter of Sagunto. It was created by its editor, Mr. Bernardo G. Castillo "as an instrument for peace, harmony, cooperation and progress."

    A couple of issues were unearthed from the 'baul' of Mrs. Virginia Simpson along with a letter from which the following quote was pulled:

    "Our Sagunto is a breathing, living community. Frustrating at times, impossibly naive, blustering, and amusingly pretentious, it bewilders the outsider or the visitor who is unlucky enough to set foot on it. Say anything you want against this bedlam of a barangay but never it is dull. Everything and everybody is here - the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the sinner, the saint, the wise, the foolish, the humble, the proud, the educated, the moron, the know-all and the know-nothing. name it and Sagunto has it. Our Sagunto is the most exciting, the most impossible place to live in.

    It is this bittersweet taste of life in our thrilling barrio that we hope to portray, to capture and explore and delineate in the pages of "The Star". We want our barrio folks to feel proud and loyal to our community, and the outsider friends to know that Sagunto is, for us her sons and daughters, the one and only of its kind, worthy of nothing less than our love and lasting affection."

    Nothing has changed much. Our dear Sagunto is still the same in spirit if not in body and still as "worthy of nothing less than our love and lasting affection."

    I share with you page 2 of the April-May, 1984 issue, editorial page (click on image for a larger, more readable view):


    Thursday, April 5, 2007

    Sagunto's Eco-Friendly Micro-Business Contest

    When I visited Sagunto last February, I was talking to an Uncle who lives in Manila and he was telling me how smart Filipinos are (no argument here) but lamented the fact the reknown and glory for the inventions of Filipinos are never widely known because most of the inventors sell their ideas to large companies rather than doing it themselves. He said, "Did you know that the hybrid car was a Filipino invention?" No, I didn't. "Did you know that the flourescent light was invented by a Filipino?" No, I didn't. And he went on and on about numerous other inventions that went to foreign manufacturers or companies that originated in the mind of a Filipino. So this Filipina's mind started to spin (again) with ideas.

    It’s better to help a man to fish than to give him the fish, right? We are an enterprising people. Just walk up and down Sagunto and you will see people in front of their makeshift booths selling anything from barbecue on a stick, to ice-candy to whatnots. Let's not forget the door-to-door salespeople with baskets of fish, vegetables, pandesal, etc.; or the makers of beautiful handicrafts made from recycled paper, wood, seeds, shells. We have such talent in our little barrio. Let's see if we can kick-it up a notch and make it fun for everyone.

    The late U.S. President John F. Kennedy said during his inaugural speech in 1961, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.” And to paraphrase that, I say to you: ask not what your barangay can do for you--ask what you can do for the barangay (and make some money, too). This contest is all about helping each other, helping the environment, and helping yourself be self-reliant. The rules are simple.

    1. The contest will be for anyone 16 years or older (younger applicants may join in with a partner 16 yrs. or older)to submit eco-friendly and sustainable (Ecologically acceptable; not harmful to or threatening the environment) micro-business ideas that you think will be profitable

    2. You need to write the idea in essay form (Not necessarily a formal business proposal but close to it will do)

    3. The "proposal" or business description needs to address WHAT the business is, HOW easily can you start it, WHAT would you need to start it, WHERE would you sell it(WHO is the customer) and HOW would this business help the Barangay (Does it involve the 3Rs of conservation: Reduce, Re-Use and Re-Cycle or clean the sorrounding environments that would include Sagunto)?

    4. WHY do you think this idea is good for the environment (The 3Rs)?
    5. Applicant must be from Sagunto, Agat, Artacho, Macoco, Cauringan, Palina or close neighbors of Barangay Sagunto (within a ten mile radius)AND/OR children of someone originally from Sagunto and still have blood relations in Sagunto.

    6. The submissions must be received (via Word document and emailed to: by October 30th, 2007.

    The prizes are as follows: The first prize will win P3000 pesos and will be featured in our blog. Second Prize is P2000 pesos, and third P1000. There will be 2 honorable mentions who will receive a consolation prize. All winners and honorable mentions will receive a certificate of recognition.

    To help you think of the different things you can do, I'll even attach a link to get some ideas to use: Good Luck and Let's have some fun!


    To participate in one of our contests you must be 16 years of age or older, or under adult supervision, and in conformance with all law, rules and regulations that may pertain to your state (be informed of all your state laws). Our contests are subject to the official rules set forth on this website by which all entrants are bound. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. Upon winning the contest, the winners will be announced on this website and cash prizes awarded at a special ceremony to be held in the barangay hall (December 30th 2007). Please note that by completing and submitting your name as an entrant to any of our contests you will be agreeing to abide by the official rules and regulations of our contests. You further agree that all information can and will be published on the close of the contests including the name you provided. Addresses, phone numbers, and emails will not be published without the further consent of the contestant. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER A CONTEST MORE THAN ONCE UNDER ONE NAME. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER OR ENTER OUR CONTESTS IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO OR ABIDE BY any of our above stipulations. This contest is not officially sponsored by the Sagunto Barangay. The Images of Sagunto is a separate entity from the official Sagunto Barangay website and Images is solely responsible for the contest rules and regulations and cash prize awards. This announcement may be reproduced, copied and distributed.


    Tuesday, April 3, 2007

    Best Smile Contest

    It was such a pleasure to see the many smiling faces from the Eyeglass Outreach Project last December that Emily decided to have a contest for the best smile. Whoever gets the most vote will win two jars of blueberry jam to improve eyesight.

    Here are the nominees: (Please identify and vote for these smiling faces in the comment section)
    Tips on commenting anonymously or without an account: When leaving a comment, try not to use the anonymous option. Instead, choose OTHER and just put your pseudonym. The website field is optional so you can just leave it blank.

    Manang Letty
    Photo #1: Mrs. Letty Daniwan Pis-0__________Photo #2: Mrs. Alunday

    Mrs. Barillo
    Photo #3: ___________________________________ Photo #4: Mrs. Barillo

    Photo #5: Mrs. Ising Malqued __________________Photo #6: Loida "Babot" Balangue

    Photo #7: _________________________________Photo #8: Mr. Ibanez

    Mr. Joel Castillo Mrs. Gaudiano
    Photo #9: Mr. Joel "Bruce Willis" Castillo __________ Photo #10: Mrs. Gaudiano


    Monday, April 2, 2007

    Daniw ti Bago

    Para kadagidiay saan unay nga managsukain ti comments ket saan pay a nakabasa kadagiti tungtungan nga madama idtoy nga topic, kayat ko man nga ipaladawan dagitoy nga dan daniw ti bago.

    Ket dyay Lakay nga gayyem ko kinunana pay...

    "mabuteng nga umay dagiti appok ditoyen.
    kasla kano aggin-gined ken giyera, makigkigtot dagiti ubbing no adda
    manalbuong nga bomba idiay daya,
    agikkis dagiti billit, ken agsangit
    dagiti kalding ken nuang,agbirok ti pagtarayan da.

    "Apay aya nga itulok da, amin a manakabalin ti palasyo,
    kabutbuteng nga aramid,
    kinunada progreso, awan met latta."

    Agsaludsod manen diyay ubing...
    "Laki, dayta rainbow, adda kadi
    treasure na diyay ipus na?"

    "Wen a, kinuna na, dayta makit-kitam aya, dayta puraw nga bantay
    nga ipus na, dayta laeng tawid mi apok, ngem takawen dan sa..."

    Makasangit dyay gayyem ko,
    Lakay ngem nababa ti lua na.
    Hohohoho, makasangitak sa met.
    Ay wen, Apo,Isalakanna kami koma.

    ~Apo Lakay

    ay ay sidong ilay apay ngay nga kastoy metten ti pagbanbanagan ti ili mi napudot no kalgaw nalammin no naangin ay ay sidong ilay nakabasol kamin san nga nagitalkan daydi lalakay nga mangsalaknib ti aglawlaw ay wen aya! Isuro na kam ngarud ti inkam aramiden iturong nakam ngarud ti pagsayaatan tapno di mi ilako ti iloko toy napateg nga lugar ti kabaguan ay ay ay sidong maay!
    ayannantay dumadaniw nga tubo ti bario ala sika man met ti agsalidummay hahahah!


    Maysa nga aldaw, kalpasan ti bannog ken arado,
    diay kantina nagpondo,
    basi ken mani, ti sanguanan mi,
    ahhh nagimasen, biag ti kallapaw,
    banbantay di kalgaw,
    diak malipatanen...

    Ket manen dyay gayyem a lakay,
    agistorya ti sangsangit
    ken kapannunutan...
    "Diyay ubing ", kinunana,
    Adu-ado't makitkita na...

    "Laki, dayta dakkel a Tao,
    Ni Apo Dios aya?
    Nagrukbam ti amin,
    Pinulbusan da't puraw,
    Pinunasan da't dalan na,
    Apay aya?"

    "Ala nagpintasen, sarrukod dyay Tao
    Sanga-sanga, kumilap-kilap
    Adda pay nguso na,
    Hahaha, ipakpakita da,
    Igatangan dak met a Laki,
    Maysa nga kasta".

    "Ngem napintas kadi
    Dayta nga bagi?
    Kabuteng na amin, agsarukoden,
    Bileg met pagna na,
    Adda kadi dakes nga aramid na?

    Ay wen, bassit nga ulo,
    Bassit nga mata,
    Ngem dakkel nga panunot,
    Dakkel a namnama.

    Apo Isalakannakami.

    ~apo lakay