Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sagunto's Eco-Friendly Micro-Business Contest

When I visited Sagunto last February, I was talking to an Uncle who lives in Manila and he was telling me how smart Filipinos are (no argument here) but lamented the fact the reknown and glory for the inventions of Filipinos are never widely known because most of the inventors sell their ideas to large companies rather than doing it themselves. He said, "Did you know that the hybrid car was a Filipino invention?" No, I didn't. "Did you know that the flourescent light was invented by a Filipino?" No, I didn't. And he went on and on about numerous other inventions that went to foreign manufacturers or companies that originated in the mind of a Filipino. So this Filipina's mind started to spin (again) with ideas.

It’s better to help a man to fish than to give him the fish, right? We are an enterprising people. Just walk up and down Sagunto and you will see people in front of their makeshift booths selling anything from barbecue on a stick, to ice-candy to whatnots. Let's not forget the door-to-door salespeople with baskets of fish, vegetables, pandesal, etc.; or the makers of beautiful handicrafts made from recycled paper, wood, seeds, shells. We have such talent in our little barrio. Let's see if we can kick-it up a notch and make it fun for everyone.

The late U.S. President John F. Kennedy said during his inaugural speech in 1961, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.” And to paraphrase that, I say to you: ask not what your barangay can do for you--ask what you can do for the barangay (and make some money, too). This contest is all about helping each other, helping the environment, and helping yourself be self-reliant. The rules are simple.

  1. The contest will be for anyone 16 years or older (younger applicants may join in with a partner 16 yrs. or older)to submit eco-friendly and sustainable (Ecologically acceptable; not harmful to or threatening the environment) micro-business ideas that you think will be profitable

  2. You need to write the idea in essay form (Not necessarily a formal business proposal but close to it will do)

  3. The "proposal" or business description needs to address WHAT the business is, HOW easily can you start it, WHAT would you need to start it, WHERE would you sell it(WHO is the customer) and HOW would this business help the Barangay (Does it involve the 3Rs of conservation: Reduce, Re-Use and Re-Cycle or clean the sorrounding environments that would include Sagunto)?

  4. WHY do you think this idea is good for the environment (The 3Rs)?
  5. Applicant must be from Sagunto, Agat, Artacho, Macoco, Cauringan, Palina or close neighbors of Barangay Sagunto (within a ten mile radius)AND/OR children of someone originally from Sagunto and still have blood relations in Sagunto.

  6. The submissions must be received (via Word document and emailed to: by October 30th, 2007.

The prizes are as follows: The first prize will win P3000 pesos and will be featured in our blog. Second Prize is P2000 pesos, and third P1000. There will be 2 honorable mentions who will receive a consolation prize. All winners and honorable mentions will receive a certificate of recognition.

To help you think of the different things you can do, I'll even attach a link to get some ideas to use: Good Luck and Let's have some fun!


To participate in one of our contests you must be 16 years of age or older, or under adult supervision, and in conformance with all law, rules and regulations that may pertain to your state (be informed of all your state laws). Our contests are subject to the official rules set forth on this website by which all entrants are bound. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. Upon winning the contest, the winners will be announced on this website and cash prizes awarded at a special ceremony to be held in the barangay hall (December 30th 2007). Please note that by completing and submitting your name as an entrant to any of our contests you will be agreeing to abide by the official rules and regulations of our contests. You further agree that all information can and will be published on the close of the contests including the name you provided. Addresses, phone numbers, and emails will not be published without the further consent of the contestant. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER A CONTEST MORE THAN ONCE UNDER ONE NAME. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER OR ENTER OUR CONTESTS IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO OR ABIDE BY any of our above stipulations. This contest is not officially sponsored by the Sagunto Barangay. The Images of Sagunto is a separate entity from the official Sagunto Barangay website and Images is solely responsible for the contest rules and regulations and cash prize awards. This announcement may be reproduced, copied and distributed.

12 comments: said...

This is a marvelous idea, Babot! Micro-business is what the enterprising people of the community need. But you said ESSAY. My questions are:
1.Could we also accept simple explanations and procedure from those who are not so good at writing formal essays? We might discourage the OTHERS who may have bright ideas but lack some writing skills.
2.Can this be a team work as well or just individual person's project?
3. Can we reproduce this announcement through posters and be distributed to religious, civic , community or school institutions?
4. Should all participants currently reside in Sagunto? how about ex-Saguntonians, native Saguntonians who now live in other communities?

I want to join, but I think I'd better just coach others ;-).

Omom said...

1-Yes, we can accept simple explanation of the type of business the person thinks he can run. I said essay instead of a formal business proposal for the very reason of making it as simple for the people who are not into writing. But their explanation must answer the basic questions posed on the blog, who, what, where, how, etc.
2- The entrant can be an individual or can be a team effort, but of course, the prize will have to be shared with the team member(s) if they chose to go that route.
3- Yes, the announcement can be reproduced, photocopied, disseminated to individuals and or communities and organizations.
4- Participants do not have to be current residents of Sagunto (since most of our youth are in Baguio or someplace else for school or work). They can live in Agat or Artacho,Macoco, Paldit or other immediate areas but they have to have originated from Sagunto and the effort/business idea must somehow contribute to the betterment of Sagunto and its people.

A micro-business is a hard-defined term if we base it on our "Westernized" concept however; in this context where the idea is to conceptualize a way to create something from nothing, the lower the capital start-up and expenses to sustain the business the better.
Say, for example, an enterprising kid decides to open an eco-tour guide business that he runs on week-ends, he won't need much as far as capital, just a few signs in places where he thinks the customers are and his knowledge of the mountain side. Or if someone decides to sell composted dirt to area gardeners, again, not much capital to compost. The main idea that the entrant must address is, is the business sustainable (can it keep going without harming the environment) and is the business good for the environment.

The judging criteria is based on the same thing as item#1 and how well they address the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the business and the originality of idea.

It's really pretty simple. If anyone else has any questions, please feel free to ask. I always say there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Babot said...

Oh, I just wanted to make another disclaimer:
This contest is not officially sponsored by the Sagunto Barangay. The Images of Sagunto is a separate entity from the official Sagunto Barangay website and Images is solely responsible for the contest rules and regulations and cash prize awards.

Anonymous said...

It seems that this is a project proposal, am I right? hehehe! ah okay they should be originated in sagunto. how if the parents are originated in sagunto but not the children who are going to join such contest?

eva said...

ay na emily don't bother to coach one let the contestants do thier part saanen nga orig if sombody is behind them hahahah! I like the plan so exciting. no adda agawid koma no Dec. among us agpacontest for arts also slogan and poster making contest on the same theme categorized from pre schoolers to adults and its on the spot. said...

coaching? micro-business? sabi ko lang yon, ano ka? Hayaan natin sila dahil mas magaling pa sila sa atin, diba? Tignan natin.
May pakontes din nga ako for Group Project to Protect Environemnt, pero sabi ko, hintay muna dahil wala pa sure date for deadline.
This will be a long-range project plan to operate for at least one year. Di ba dapat young and old magkaisa para linisin kapaligiran?
Bahala na sila sa project nila. Ikaw rin Eva, pakontes ka....Wow na wow! Yan ang maganda sa Bago tribe. Pag may nag-umpisa, masusundan na. Yipeee! Sorry, haluhalo na Taglish dito. Huwag lang Tagiloc...nakakatawa...
Alla, tingnan mo yung Tatang ko, kamuntik nang ma-Lebog. Nagtataray doon sa Macoco, may kasamang nuang, nakakita ng pay-as. Sabi ko, may uleg dyan, saan ka lumangoy. Sabi nya, "tungpaen ka". sabi ko naman "salamat".

Anonymous said...

hahahah! mayat man ta kunkunam! kasla diay kapampangan napan naglako diay ili ti sto. tomas ti kulambo ipukpukkaw na "kulambo po kayo ryan" adda met sumarsaruno nga pangasinan aglaklako ti sida ipukpukkaw na met "sira sira kayo tan", nangngeg toy kapampangan dina ikaskaso di umauna ngem tunggal agipukkaw lako na sumublat met diay maysa nagapa dan di napan da ken kapitan ket agkakatawa dan ta nakatanga met toy kapampanganen no ania didiay.

Anonymous said...

aya ket diak makaturugen
innak man la ikuray toy
ta huston to nga isalat
ni kapid no malem
diay computer na.

kas nagsuksukimatak
di naglabas nga alaldaw
naimatangak ti agdama
nga kasasaad ti lubong
makaparagsak ti panagdur-as na
ladingit ti dadduma naipaay na.

kunak nga kasta agsipud
ti baro nga teknolohiya
iyeg na ti nam-ay imnas
kadagiti nadur-as nga pagilian
ngem kinarigat ti biag
kadagiti dadduma.

agpayso dagiti patigmaan
ket dimtengen ti panyempo
gungundaywayan ti manmano
ti kinakapsot ti dadduma
tapno agumanna ti dina sanikua
ket agrigat latta ti nakurapay.

kasta ti ited ti kinaagum
patangkenenna ti puso ni Solomon
Solo na amin nga kayat na
nga pagsyaatan ti biag
Di na ammo ti na Diosan nga rikna
Nairteng nga bagina amin.

Maited to suot kadagidtoy
nga Pulano
ket maited ti pannakausig
no saan nga ditoy
addan to lugar na
ken panyempo na.

Isut gapuna kailian
agrambak tayo
intay gundawayan
ti pasalip ti annak ti
i sagunto isuda nga
nagpanunot para kadatayo.

ipakita tayo met a
nga ti kaipapanannanto
daytoy nga proyekto ti intay
kitaen kas naimaldit da
nga nakigang kano ti premyo
ngem ti kaipapanan nanto ngay?

dayta ti awan gatad na
no agtultuloy ti ayat tayo
kas agsisinnaranay
gapu ti pannakaisubli
ti pintas ti aglawlaw
nga pagindegan tayo.

Iyawis ko ti pannangamiris
ti ibagbagak
usigbentayo ti bagbagi
ken kararua tayo
ket iturong na tayo koma
ti napintas nga kapanpanunutan.

*Ditoyak man met nga bimmisita
kadakayo nga annak tapno matukay
dagiti kailian ti kastoy nga pasalip ket rumamankami ket ah!

Babot said...

Naimbag nga aldaw yo, Kimat. Imbag ta imay ka nga nagbisita idtoy. Agyamanak iti support yo idtoy araramiden mi nga proyecto kada kayo nga kailian mi ken kadagita ubing nga mang mana to iti napintas nga ili ken daga ti Sagunto ken entiro nga Sison.

Anonymous said...

nagatiddog ngamin dyay bangiren,
isunga ditoy ko man met iistorya,
dyay nangegko dita Baguio,
innak naggatang,kawes ni baketko,
ket dagita man adda dita,
nakatugaw ta dalan agpababa,
mapan ta istasyon ken parada,
dyip ken ban nga kuna da.

tila madmadlaw da,oy lakay sika,
mapan ka't sison aya, kunada?
wen kunak met, ipakastam ladta.
sa dan to agkakatawa,agkidyat,
ken agsala, ket kunak met,
apay aya? matawaw kay sa?

kongrats to lakay,mayat gayam
a ta, ti apo yon to ket mayora,
nalaing nga sumasala, baknang pay.
ingkam sa agian dita, ili yo
a sadiwa, ado'n to kano bisnis yo,
ken layblihod kano, nagan na?

ket apayya ngamin,dikay dumngeg
kuna da ngaruden inda ited,
pudno nga progreso ti ili yo,
napusaksak nga pus-puso
naragsak kayon to nga tribo.

hak hak hak, makakatawa ak,
gistayanak nakaisbo,
naglaing daytoy nga kaskasero,
makaangot ti kwarta nga progreso
toy bisita't Paldit nga singkit.

ken kunak met kanya na,
apay kasapulan mi aya dayta,
addan to pay pakontes mi,
micro-bisnis ti appo mi,
makitkita daaya ti kasapulan mi?

ket aguray ka man bassit,
ay wen a ikkan tay met kundit,
gundaway na daytoy nga ina,
nga agited kappia't bulsa,
bar-bareng dakkel ti ayat na.

ket agusar kumat antyokos,
makita na't usto ken dakes,
pagbiagan ken panaganges,
naturay nga pangalaan,
agtultuloy nga pagragsakan.

mgem kasus, apay mano aya
dekadada dita, awan met naaramid da
ket apay aya, lakayakon itatta,
para tattao kunada, agpayso ngata,
Ay apo politika, mapnek ka ngata?

apo lakay

Anonymous said...

alla kagimungan ti sagunto
imbes nga agpadaya agpalaud
nga agbirbirok ti binteng
alaen tay lapis ken papel
ta padasentayo ti agintuod
kadagiti kalugaran
nga adda bassit proyekto na
ta padasen tayo man met
ti agarapaap ket makisalip
tayo ti iyawawis da nga
tumulong nga mangpadur-as ti
biag ken mangted linak kapia
kinaberde ti aglawlaw
diay kunada nga
"environment friendly"
liklikan tayo ti mangdadael
ti aglawlaw no mabalin ket
padasen tayo pay ketdi nga
aramiden ti mangpasayaat
kalpasanna daytan
saan la nga binteng ti maawat
tayon to dolyar madi kay pay!
gundawayan tayon!!!
kimat at your servis madam!

Romelia said...

Apo nga mangiturturong, i's a very good idea daytoy nga project tapno'n maencourage ti youths saan da la nga apalpaliwaweng,kin mangpitpitda ti dalan nga agpadaya kin agpalaud nga awan met ti kaes-eskan na.Good luck.