Monday, April 30, 2007

Sagunto Star Vol 1.1 pages 1 & 8

Here is another installment of the Sagunto Star, the first newsletter of Sagunto. I just heard from Edil, daughter of Bernardo Castillo the author/publisher of the Sagunto Star. She says that although her dad has no access to the internet at the moment, he is happy to hear that the Sagunto Star has been revived and extends his greetings to all of you! (Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view)
I placed these two pages together because Apo Lazaro's obituary is continued on page 8. All the pages of the volumes I have will eventually be posted on the sidebar under Sagunto Star Pages. All the other posts like the the microbusiness contest is under the Contests category. Click on the links to be taken directly to the post of interest. All previous issues are available on the Archives, also located on the sidebar.


JMom said...

Did you guys see the announcement re. bakal? lol!! ayan na ngatan ni bakal?

Babot said...

Reading the articles just reminded me, where are the Dapiaoens now? Calling all Saguntonians, Sison folks, taga Artacho, Agat, etc., agparikna kayo gamin, hehehe.... Amok nga addu ti aglinglinged ti poste dita. Kuna ni Sharon (nee Castillo)& Satur Baliao nga apan pay kano aglipistik ni Shar before sumali ditoy, hahaha! In promise na't pics na next week. Adda da nga agasawa dita Hong Kong.

eva said...

honestly i have not seen any copy of Sagunto star if that was early 80's am in Laoag that time, and nice timing you bring the election article since election time is fast approaching again, it reminds me of my late grandma lola Roming and the late Elder lolo ZAro am so happy that UCCPians are really very much involved not only inside the Church but to the community where the Church is working for the whole being of the community
that is same with all the Churches that I have worked with. Elders and Church Leaders passed away and God is appointing another one to replace them and the works of the Church still continues.

Babot said...

Talking about elders of UCCP, I don't know if anyone else has heard of Dr. Eugene Hessel, he was one of the original UCC missionaries in the Philippines (they helped raise mama, practically adopted her). Anyway, he recently passed away on April 26th in Pasadena, California. I am positive that he is now in heaven with lola Hessel. Good-bye Lolo Hessel, may you rest in peace in the bosom of our dear Lord.


Anonymous said...

hello 'bot talaga pimmusayen ni Pastor Hessel i have not met him personally but i remember that they were one of the first missionaries sent to the Phils. but he work in our Church Educational Institutions he served in the south diak ammo nga nagwork da met gayam diay North ta Pastor Kurtz and others diay San fernando ti assignment da. ay kasta gayam.

Jeanette said...

Oh I didn't know that about Lolo Hessel!! You didn't tell me. Mom forgot to also. I'm sorry to hear it. He was a wonderful person. I had a great time getting to know him better during our counseling session prior to my getting married :)

BTW, what a coincidence that I posted about the Sagunto Star today. I just received a letter from the editor, our uncle Bernardo Castillo. (off topic: Brelle was confused between this nando and the nanding she met in Sagunto....get it, Bernardo and Fernando. lol!!) Anyway, he is really excited about having pages of the Sagunto Star published here. He said he is perfectly fine with us using his material and name. I will try to scan or re-type his letter when I get home tonight and share it via email. He gave some interesting info about the bago. More to come.... check your emails tonight :)

Babot said...

Yes, sis, sorry to say. Pastor Hessel's memorial service will be today but no one to watch children so can't go. Am just praying for him. Idi nag-sao kami last December ket kayat na nga isu iti officiating pastor ti baptism dagitoy dua, ket kasta metten. It's ok, am sad but I know that he is now in God's good hands. Pray for him, too, he was such a good influence to our family and a lot of other Filipino Christians that he helped and worked with. Very political met diay nga lakay. In fact, the church that he was involved in Pasadena was one that was targeted by the IRS (BUSH) because they were very much against the Iraq war and were very vocal about it.

Omom said...

Hey Nette!
We posted same time...Can't wait to hear what Uncle has to say. Wish he had computer that he can resume his journalism here, hehehe.

Yeah, I thought mom would have told you already. Sorry. You know, even in death, lolo is always thinking of others. Today's memorial is just that, a simple memorial without his body cause he donated his body to science so students can learn from him. What a great example, huh? So even though I'll miss his advise (spiritual and political) he always said not to fear death and to rejoice when the time comes to meet the maker. *Sigh.


Anonymous said...

oh yap that's true that minister missionary is very involve in political aspects of his ministry and contributed a lot that's why am trying to recall the book that he authored actually it was just a pamphlet about political issues while he stayed in Silliman and UTS something like that...! well he had done a great job..,God welcomed Him with words "Welcome My Faithful Servant Jobs are well done"!
evz said...

gosh, my mother has to know too, as i'm not sure if she worked for them, the Hessels when she was young but I remember her often telling stories about them. know, Lola Dora and nanay were close and worked together in Manila that time.

Omom said...

Hi Evz,
Actually he also wrote a book, The Religious Thought of José Rizal by Dr. Eugene Hessel and published by New Day publishing. I tried to order it before but it's been out of print, so if you ever run into one, get it for me :-).
When I asked Lolo H about the book, he was very humble about it. He didn't even have a copy!

Yeah, Ems, the Hessels were always in Manila and it was the Steins that were assigned in northern Luzon, I think. Aunty definitely knows them.

~Babot said...

Mother was so sad of the news, but glad that your family remained that close to him. The Hessels' examples will be long remembered.

Back to the Sagunto Star, it's really great that Uncle Narding is getting reconnected...send him a PC and he'll do the editorials hahaha. The regular "tambays" kimat, ponha and apo lakay I think are running out of "makuna". Hello, guys and onlookers, join them in their exchanges of ideas.

Hello taga-Agat, umay kay met ditoy maki-kagat,haha. Taga -Artacho, isardeng ti lutluto, pakseten yo't adobo ta umay kay makiloko. Kitaen yo, nagado't maal-adal ko kadagita agil-Ilocano.

Labu-labo okay din. Tag-iloc-ish, mas masaya!

Hey, if there's an internet cafe near Uncle Barnardo, let's provide him internet use vouchers too. Problem with the desktops and pcs here, they're all Japanese, haha. That makes me exempt from donating ;-)

Now, Jeanette and Babot, when are we going to send for the vouchers?

Anonymous said...

kas isisingising ti raniag
ti agsapa sadi daya
kas tantannawaganna
ti Barrio tayo a napusaksak
iyeg na ti nalaos nga
panagyaman! pammalagip
ti ayat ti namarsua!

kas iyeg na ti pul-oy
nga nagdanonan
makapabang-ar nga angin
nga aggapu diay amianan
iyeg na ti namnama
para kadagiti annakna
nga sitatalek kenkuana!

kas maimatangan dagiti
napusaksak nga sabsabong
iti minuyungan
ken ararubayan
iyeg na ti na rag-o
nga di maiyebkas
gapu ti napalaos nga ayat!

kas marikna ti linnaaw
ken parsiyak ti arbis ken
tudo nga agtennag
iyeg na ti di nga pannakaupay
kadagiti dardarepdep
ken panggep ti biag
ita ken masanguanan!

kas mangngegan ti sonata
dagiti billit ken andidit
iyeg na ti bang-ar
ken ti pannakatatipato
dagiti annak na
nga mangay ayat kenkuana!

kas iyeg dagiti pinuon
ti langto na nga mangsalaknib
ken dagiti ruot ti aglawlaw
iyeg da ti kina langto
dagiti panpanunot
nga mangyeg salun-at
kadagiti amin nga naparsua!

kas ti ingget lit naw na
nga danum ti waig
karayan wenno payas
nga agay ayos
maimdengan dagiti
ikan, ken pinarsua ti danum
ragsak ti iparparangarang na!

kas ti maysa nga puon
ti tribu nga nabendisyunan
iyeg na ti natalged
nga panagkakadua
panagmaymaysa iti
pagsayaatan ti kaaduan!

maymaysa nga namnama
adu nga panpanunot
panagsisinnupyat gapu
ti nababaknang nga kapanunutan
ngem mapan to amin
ti maymaysa nga banag
banag nga mangayat ti bunggoy!

Bunggoy ti namarsua
nga intay nagtaudan
ket inaty salimetmetan
dagitoy nga nagpaiduma
nga sagut nga awan
no di laeng ti NAMARSUA!


Anonymous said...

that's it you challenged kimat and so he gave one for us again, and I think the idea posted was inspired by the Sagunto star update about the original author and editor of the Barangays paper in the early '80's for sure apo lakay is preaparing also and so with ponha oh how I wish that i know you guys but wait nawawala si sakyo haven't heard from him anymore. knock knock are you still there sakyo?
tuloy ang ligaya nette bot n emz!

Omom said...

I find it ironic that the barangay had been talking about the need of a water system and over 20 years has passed since the original publication of Sagunto Star Vol 1.1, and we're still in need of the same :-(

I hope more ideas will pour in this site (or at the official barangay blog site)to finally make it a reality...


eva said...

How I wish that you could post all the issues of sagunto Star for brainstorming on what had happened almost 3 decades past and we can look back and start from there and for us to know if where is Sagunto now in terms of everything that we can talk under the sun and stars, anyhow you were able to get in touch with the writer and editor himself.

Anonymous said...

kasus, maabakak itatta,
awan met gamin ti talentok
nga kasta kapintas aya,
kimat latta, ti ari dita.
pannawen mi ket gamin sabali,
maiyebkas mo latta,
makuna ti rikna,
palpaliiw ken sangit
biag ti madama...
dyay kuna da nga harana.

ket saan aya gamin
nga ti kanta ket daniw
sao a pudno naggapo ta puso
agas-asog ti ayat
ken panagawat
arasaas nga limmabas
ti nalabaga nga rosas.

ket kantaan ka tatta,
ta dinggem met
toy rusok nga agsaksakit
ta palalo ti ladladingit...

ket no awan ti danum
nga mangsibog ti rosas
nga mangpabanglo ti arasaas,
awan to met ti agari
nga is-isem ken paggaak.

kitaem ta billit
nga kumita-kita
ta tawa nga awan kaleb na,
awan buteng nga mangpadas
ti maysa, dua a pagna;
ket ingka to iyawat
ta imam nga managawat
aywanam ta billit,
natukkolan ti payak.

dayta maysa a gayyem
napintas to't kanta na,
kadwam no inkanto aginana
mangilawag nga ti lubong
ket dakkel ken nawaya,
nalangto dyay tengnga
pagbirukan ti liwliwa.

padasem kadi ti tumayab
a kas billit, makitam
ta tangatang, kaayayat
nga rikna, malipatam
dagiti dagsen ken parikot
ti inaldaw-aldaw
nga makitkita.

umay to dagiti kakadwa
nagrupo-grupo da,
agpapada, payak ken dutdot da,
pammati ket maymaysa,
sangka raay nga pigsa,
agkanta ti pamilyar
a tono ti gangsa.

ngem awan met ti umay
nga billit toy balay,
awan arasaas aggapot rosas,
adayo dyay minuyungan
a napusaksak;
ngem daytoy tawak
ket silulukat, agururay
ti ragsak, agrosing kuman to
no umay ti tudo...

Ah, agyamanak ta makitak,
dakkel nga tudo ta amianan,
aggurruod ken kimat,
ngem kalpasan,
kumita ta langit,
basaen ti rupa, naimas,
ti danum tangatang.

apo lakay
agururay ti tudo nga umay

Babot said...

Oops, Sorry Ems, I didn't get to answer your question about vouchers. Sino ngay ti pagi-send tayo ket awan da Kap wenno Loejan nga mangibaga no sino ken no adinno ti pag send ta yo. Awan pay met ti nagibaga ti precio nga ipaw-it kuma. Saan ko nga kayat nga siak to man ket ti makabasulen no sabsabali ti pagidisuan ti vouchers. To Ms. Jane R. assistant to barangay, paki-damag man no ania ti kayat da Kap ken konsehales and let us know offline via email. Thank you in advance if someone can convey the message to them.

Anonymous said...

mga sis when it comes to monetary funds vouchers cheques or whatsoever better for you to send it to the Barangay treasurer for him to disburse it for proper reports and accounting isu met la ti ammok a. hehhehe!

Anonymous said...

The Sagunto Official Blogsite is so quiet hhehehe!awan busy sa ngamin ti kampanya election is fast approaching let us include that in our prayers. while the Images of Sagunto is so magulo labo-labo hahaha!sinno dagidiay ammoyo nga agbirthday kada agpaokasyon post tayo public Service nga kuna tayo mga sis!
evz said...


eva said...

okay thats great maybe we can do it quarterly basis or what so if you are going to start it now that would be the 1st quarter issue and don't forget to get in touch to uncle Narding about it to make it official good job!!! nice and great idea!