Tuesday, April 17, 2007

3G Going Great N Green- Environment Care Group Contest

This is the second announcement for an environmental themed contest. This contest is conceived and sponsored by Mrs. Emily Homma of Japan. We invite all citizens of Sagunto to participate in these endeavors. Direct all questions to this blog or the sponsors.

Theme and Description: A group contest for the protection of our community environment that would serve and care for natural assets like rivers, farms and gardens, barrio streets, hills and mountains that are essential for the continuing growth and sustenance of the connecting communities in Sison such as Sagunto, Artacho, Agat, Cauringan, Asan Norte, Asan Sur, Labayug and Pinalpal.

First Prize- 5,000 pesos
Second Prize: 4,000 pesos
Third Prize- 3,000 pesos
Consolation: 1,000 pesos

Initial Funds: 500 pesos outright grant for any group applicant. Fund to be used for
planning materials, posters, seedlings, cleaning equipment, etc.

WHO can join: Any group of at least ten people 13 y.o and above forming a club, association, religious congregation, youth group, adult and senior
citizens, sports team, etc. concerned of the welfare of our people and nature.

WHAT to Present:

  • A Project Proposal to Clean, Create, Plant, or Protect….
  • An Already Ongoing Project Cleaning, Renewing…
  • Any Project in line with this contest’s theme

    IMPORTANT: The group must carry out project activities regularly as stated in the plan, for at least one year from date of application.

      1. On an 8x11 in. paper, state the following elements of the project typewritten or handwritten in bold script.
    • NUMBER of members or participants, with list of officers
    • TARGET LOCATION or place of activity and reason for choosing the site.
    • ACTION that describes how the group will carry out their program/project.

    • 2. There should be GROUP SLOGANS presented though POSTERS or BANNERS aiming to publicize the group’s project to the community. Give a brief explanation about the poster or banner, drawing and illustrating it on another piece of bond paper to be attached and submitted together with the project proposal.

      3. OPTIONAL, Attach Copies of leaflets, Literature ,Handouts or DENR fact sheets to be distributed during the presentation of entries or Awards day in December.

      4. DEADLINE: Submit the project proposal (2 pages) via email to or in person to barrio secretary, or contest Representative Rolly Benosa from May to October 30, 2007.

      Awarding ceremonies will be held on December 30, 2007.

      5. Community Presentation of Entries with the presence of Group members, and invited guests, and Awards Day will be on December 30, 2007

      Sponsored by: GO! GO! BAGO! HBILC-Japan, FRIENDS OF SAGUNTO, USA-UK


    Babot said...

    Yipppeeee!!! All these Earth friendly themed contest is just in time for Earth Day on April 22nd. What are you guys and gals doing on Earth Day? I hope joining one of our contests here!
    Good going, Ems! Domo Arigatou. said...

    Do itashimashite! What to do on Earth Day? Plant whatever could be planted...seedlings, love, care never-ending list all for the sake of the Earth and its inhabitants.

    Remember, contest prizes increase as new sponsors come and pledge their support. Hey, everyone, go and tell it to the mountains, over the sea and everywhere...

    Omom said...

    Dangit! now that song's gonna be stuck in my brain.....LOL! Everyday SHOULD be Earth Day but for us, the 22nd of April is more special, 'tis Mama's birthday. So Mother AND Mother Nature will be celebrating. We'll probably take her for some (sustainable) sea food, sushi maybe? :-) said...

    Wow! Happy Birthday Auntie Jean!
    Sushi for you? Baka kilawen dayta, haha. Wish you more decades of happy life, being a wonderful mother, daughter, "wife" and AUNTIE!

    eva said...

    hello Mother Jean and mother Earth such great celebration coming soon.
    Praying that the GoodLord continue to Shower His Bountiful Blessings to you and your family maybe you are now retired from your works but not as a Parent since it was non-retiring profession that we got. Happy Birthday Mom Big J!

    Happy Earth Day to all! am laughing at the newspaper back their in the Phils. that Earth Day Contestants are in Bikini suites that only shows that the mother earth is wearing now common lets put a nice suites for our mom Earth!

    eva said...

    sus madi kay pay dita nga prizes? common its an opportunity for everybody naggasat kayo ta taga sagunto kayo alla makisalip kayon ta addanto ti gapuanan mi nag bumisita manen!

    Anonymous said...

    Ahooy! Ahooy! Kitaen yo daytoy!
    Adda gayam baro a kontes ditoy,
    Ni, ububbing ken babbaket,
    ayaket, adta kayla nga agdidikket?
    ayanna dagidiay pala ken walis
    ingkay amin aglinis, agbisnis,
    isardeng dagita tsismis,
    kasapulan inkay agawis,
    nalalaing nga kakadwa,katsika,
    inaldaw nga barkada.

    ayeee, adinno pakakitan kastoy,
    premyo nga dagos adda kano,
    ay wen saan kay nga kapoy kapoy
    napintas a plano iruar mo
    Agragsak, adda tulong Alahooy!

    apo lakay said...

    Salamat apo lakay ta nabasa yo met daytoy nga pakontes. Could you please tell people around you that this is the right pastime for women or reason to "escape their homes", chance for men to drink together after their group activities, picnic-N-project meeting for young ones, or could even serve as resource for schooling fees for students if they are clever. You may use half of the prize award for project expenses and maintenance as it's long-range, and the other half for one or two of the members' school fees. Also, students can utilize this project for better-looking resumes. Like-minded people could start working together thru this then later embark on new and more serious projects in the future.
    If you have questions just ask here or directly at the email address above.

    Anonymous said...

    Iti amin nga banag nga aramiden
    adda rugina, kasla....
    narigat natuok ti agirugi
    kasla naunday ti panaguray
    ta ania ngay ket kasta ti tao.

    aye min gasa gasat tayo
    ta adda ti mangar arapaap
    ti pagdur-asan tayo
    kas komunidad ti daytoy
    nga paset ti lubong.

    sakripisyoda daytoy
    ket ti agsagrap datayo
    kasus! kukuwaen tayo ya
    no di ti makiarapaap tayo
    met a ti pagdur-asan tayo.

    Nadur-as tayon ti dadduma
    nga banag ngem ti Ina daga
    mabaybay-an tayon
    ket isu ti ayan ti BIAG
    ditay itulok nga madadael ken marunaw.

    Ta ti pannakadadael
    Ni Ina Daga
    ti amin nga pinarsua
    ag gunay tayon.

    Iyawis ti kaaduan
    Ipakaammo kadagiti di makaammo
    inspirasyon ti maysa ken maysa
    panagtitinnunos ken ayat
    tapno rag-o malak-am
    kas isaysayangkat ti pasalip!

    umalikas di a
    ta ti nagmula
    isu ti agapit
    ti sadot
    agal alimon ton!!!


    Omom said...

    Okey, Kimat. Inkayo ngarud kopyaen daytoy announcement idistribute yo kadagita tattao, agawis kayo ti ado. Iwaras yo ti awis idta UCCP, idiay Iglesia ni Cristo, SDA, Wesleyan, Artacho-High, am-amin da maimbeta idtoy nga napinta a contest. Agtitinulong tayo tapno pumintas ken malinisan ti ili. Datayo ti mangisuro kadagitoy ubbing ken duma-duma nga tattao no kasatno iti agtaraken keni Ina Daga.

    eva said...

    di ba adda panawen idi nga by purok ket agcocontest da pay ti pinnalinisan ket malagip ko daydi lola Romana nga linisan na metten manipud diay ayan da pareng Loejan Kapilya inggana diay ayan ti balay nga mabatugan ti kalsada hehehe! nag-uunget pay dagidiay Purok leaders ta napadasak met ti naminsan di nakasem breakak ket siak ti inbaon daydi lolo mi nga makiragup kunanan sa such a good actvities ket nagmulmula da pay ti herbal plants and they are labeling it no ania didiay ken ania ti pakaagasan na bassit pay diay pias idi diay ayan ti balay nga herbal plant met gayam hehehe! malaglagip ko lang a kas am studying your program plan and pacontest diak ammo no sinno ti taga sagunto ti mangistoria pay ti experience na about the activities nice to recall for an inspiration for joining the 2 contests that we have. said...

    Dayta ti talaga nga matandaanam evs. Siguro talaga nga nabanno-bannog ka idi kaya matandaanam. It's nice if you have herbal medicine contest too. Nice to visit each one's garden esp. when women have the same plant species out of sharing (or stealing, hahaha). They even had cleanest house contest. I can recall Lola Tinang winning several times. I wish there'd also be organic farming contest, or non-CFC soap use in the rivers. Hey do you remember Lola Borona having the longest non-grey hair in Sagunto? Who can manufacture "arutang" shampoo...I'd be first to buy wholesale. Okay, this one goes to Micro-business...ehhhh, ooops ag overlapen. That's it, as you care for environment, you earn much as well.

    Omom said...

    Oh, I remember the arutang shampoo, I almost forgot. Gosh it always amazes me when memory decides to kick-in, thanks for the trip down memory lane, Ems. I also remember when Lolo Ireneo used to bring me with him to feed the cows in Palina and he would point out the different plants and the different uses, I remember a particular one (though it's name escapes me at the moment) kuna diay lakay nga diay tutut (sap) can act as a coagulant to stem a wound from bleeding and helps a cut to scab and heal faster. Tatta ket awag dagidiay old-time remedies is "Organic". I guess our lolos, lolas and old timers were the "Original Organic Farmers". See, we had OOFs then , now we only have OFW. What a life talaga!

    Anonymous said...

    kitaen yo man nagtayyek dagita utek yon nakaadu kayon ti laglagip ti napalabas. sige agproject kay latta ta ti mangabak ipa publish ko ken uncle Boying Domaloy diay bannawag o madi kay pay hahahahah!
    evz said...

    dara-daran sa dayta kunkunam babot. and i think the one with white sap is the "darekdek" sprouting leaves that have lots of sap. and for diarrhoea, the dried caimito leaves. i want mother to send me some in jars so we'd have medicinal herbs stock come next winter when stomach flu is epidemic here.

    well, i am serious with arutang manufacture...any reader, can i order about a dozen 1-liter bottles of this shampoo? too bad our rice harvest is not that good lately, so more arutang from other farms is needed. this organic shampoo has very natural hair straightening as well as skin rejuvenating component. Dyang! UK people, this is for you too! Forever young mamas your orders here!