Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Birthday Celebrants, Etc.

Happy Birthday once again to the July Birthday Celebrants! If you would like to greet someone in the coming months, send their name, date of birthday, location, and parents names so those of us who don't know everyone by name, especially the younger ones, will know how we're all related :)

All other announcements and milestones are also welcome, send us photos of your families so we can see how you've blossomed. If you have a business or project you would like to advertise, send those on too. Do you have stories about the older folks in your family? Would you like to share it here in our virtual abong for some community reminiscing? Send all submissions to


Anonymous said...

nice ads sis nangina koma bayad na daytoyen ania hahhaha! ngem libre ala ngaruden kabarangayan post and post kayon!

Anonymous said...

kindly add to the list of august celebrants. JEDD ERY ESTEBAN REPOLLO Aug. 30 sagunto son of GRACE ESTEBAN wife to marcelo repollo. apo ni beloved Kapitan ESTEBAN. JAN NICO CATBAGAN ESTEBAN Aug. 07 baguio city son of JOHN ELMER ESTEBAN. apo ni beloved Kapitan ESTEBAN. tnks am looking forward for the post. God bless!

Jeanette said...

hi ading Paz, no sika dayta anonymous comment above :) Nainayon kon da Jedd and Jan. Thanks for the tip! Ali, no adda pictures, agipawit kayo met tapno agiinamo tayo, uray virtual lang. Email yo lang to and we'll post it here.