Friday, August 3, 2007

Jeff's Momentum Plus

The future of communications, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) technology, telephone and internet combined.

Momentum Plus Inc.
Joeffrey Estoesta, Representative
Cell#: (61) 0405072425

The Benefits of Momentum Plus Opportunity:

No Franchise Fees or Royalties - No fees, minimal overhead, no need to rent an office or buy expensive equipment.
Work at Home - Spend more time with your family. No commute or rush hour traffic. Live where you want to live…your business moves with you.
Immediate Income - Earnings can come your first week with a realistic opportunity to earn an above-average income every week.
Lifetime Income - You can build a successful income-generating business that can last a lifetime.
Available for Everyone - No previous experience necessary. Training is provided, allowing you to earn as you learn…regardless of age, sex, race or education.

Think about it, how often does perfect timing and ground floor opportunity cross a person’s life? With Momentum Plus, a tangible window of opportunity exists right now to earn significant sums of money.

Momentun Plus is a company that connects families and friends closer to each other by means of a low cost calling plan $4.95 a month unlimited calling anywhere in the world. This is the only company that you can be a customer and an owner at the same time.

Folks, don’t miss out this great opportunity and benefits of what Momentum Plus can offer.

Go to to get more information.


Anonymous said...

This business looks great in the beginning. Could someone tell me in their experience if this business really works? I don't have time to read all the what have you? Does it matter where you live? Even in the Philippines?

Just George

Omom said...

Good for MikeC! Na-recruit na gayam ni Jeff for this great business. Just from the anecdotal stories from friends who've used this service, they seem very happy with the voice transmission using the voice-over-internet connections. And since net connection is far, far cheaper than the regular land line phone costs, especially when it comes to international long-distance, I agree that this is the wave of the future. Just take advantage now before the phone companies want their cut of the business. VOIP is very popular in China, Thailand and India. The Philippines is just starting to take-off due to the increasing number of computers in individual homes. Jeff and Mike have the advantage of starting their business now before it gets over saturated as word gets out. Good luck guys, I think you'll do well with this one!

~Mng. Babot

jeff said...

Yes Momentum Plus business really works, this business is really making a lot of positive outcome worldwide, get the most out of this business opportunity right now, this is the right moment and the right timing. and i am looking to partner with me in this wonderful business of VOIP, go to or email me at:
make your decision right now and start generating income for your family and for your future.