Monday, June 11, 2007

Cabras Family

Here are another longtime Sagunto family, the Cabras Family. (Place your cursor over the photos to see the captions)
Joeffre & Edna Cabras Joeffre Sr. & Edna Cabras
Michael & Ritchelle, just recently married in Tagbilaran, Bohol Richard and wife, Jennifer
Jun and Family Richard and daughter, Catherine

Edna at 16 Leizl

Photos shared by Lita Dapiaoen.


eva said...

wow!!! Don and Dona jeofre and cabras and family. Mangg Edna sinnon ngay ti para bantay diay mansion yo diay sagunto? what a nice sharing ay na ukod ukod lang ni mang edna dagitoy boys na di mapan da agkinder tatta ket kitaem man ti langlanga dan.
Thanks lita for sharing the pix such a thoughtful gesture of a family friend!

Omom said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, am sure that mom and Lola Dora will enjoy viewing these! Wow! Ni met laeng Aunty and Uncle Jeofrey ti malagip ko ditoy, but still good to see how grown their kids are. Mabuhay to Cabras Family!


emily said...

Nagpipintas da, talaga walang kupas ang beauty ng Cabras family. I think I can remember some faces but I want to ask my mother some descriptions because her intros are clearer to me. Nagado kay gayam dita US.Kumusta kay amin dita.
Ayan na ngay ni Maam Gomez? Dyay Baiguen nga family anya?

jeff e said...

hey mike, jun, & rich kumustan? its been so long man, i can't even recognize you guys anymore, so much changes from all those years. you guys should all go back for a vacation to sagunto on dec08 so that we can all see each other again for all time sake. kumusta met auntie edna? anyway, its good to see your pictures here at the site though, take care alright. meet you guys at the cbox.